Father Rapes 13-Year-Old Daughter 10 Times

A 43-year-old father was last week arrested for allegedly raping his 13-year-old daughter for more than 10 times.

The accused person, whose name is withheld to protect the identity of the minor, appeared before Harare magistrate Anita Tshuma facing rape charges and was remanded in custody to 8 January for trial.

Allegations are that sometime in October this year, the man arrived home from the bar and called his daughter who was already asleep, to come to the dining room. Upon her entrance, the teenage girl sat on a sofa before her father connected speakers to the radio and increased the volume to the maximum. He allegedly switched off the lights then tore his daughter’s night dress and removed her panties.

The seemingly ruthless father went on to push his daughter on the floor, went on top of her and raped her once, it is alleged.

The man 43-year-old man is said to have forced the juvenile to sleep in the dining room for that night before raping her for the second and third round within the same night.

Further allegations are that the accused told the young girl to go and sleep in her bedroom at 5am after threatening her with death if she was to tell anyone about the abuse.

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